Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fiscally conservative woman hating DESTROYED

Republicans and libertarians that might not actually hate women but don't see a problem with the war on women use the logic excuse that they shouldn't have to pay for something they're morally opposed to and on top of that, federal funding needs to be massively cut to begin with, so they will support whatever political candidate(s) vow to save the tax payers the most money, which will likely be a Republican.

I will now destroy that excuse.

The first and most obvious objection is military spending. The majority of Americans are against the war in the Middle East, yet every last one of us pays for it. Here, have a chart if that's your thing (I have no opinion on the creators of this chart). Yet, every single tax-paying American has been forced at gunpoint to pay for this war and every war we've participated in, regardless of their moral positions on war.

So...if you don't think you should have to pay for something you don't believe in but that the government has decided is best for the world, well...cry me a fucking river.

The second part of the argument, which might seem reasonable, but isn't, is that federal spending needs to be massively slashed and whichever candidate promises to make the most cuts is the candidate worth supporting, and if abortion and birth control are a part of that, so be it. It might seem harsh but reasonable, after all, if we're all saving that much more of our paychecks, then we'll all be able to afford abortions and birth control (-cough- atourstillsignificantlylowerwages -cough-).

However, it's still a woman hating facade that people think they can get away with. Even the staunchest republican or libertarian can think of government programs they support. Unless you're an anarchist, most people realize things like police, firemen, roads, traffic signals, food safety, public defenders, the court system, prisons, and clean tap water, are good for society (not that the way our government handles them is the best).

If a Republican got up tomorrow and said, "I will do what I know will cut the most spending. Therefore, I will cut all funding for police, firemen, roads, traffic signals, food safety, public defenders, the court system, prisons, and clean tap water," NO ONE would vote for this person because we all know that, while our paychecks would be slightly larger, our country would be much scarier. So, we all agree these things are worth paying for.

The health and safety of every woman in America is something worth paying for, especially birth control and abortion since the likelihood of a woman having a child she can't afford that may become a burden on the state and would add to the cost of welfare, medicaid, WIC, food stamps, public school, etc., would be severely reduced.

The only way to reduce spending for these programs is to reduce the need for them and telling people not to have sex won't do that. In fact, programs (that we've paid for on one way or another) that tell people not to have sex have created more unwanted children than they've prevented. How's that for having to pay for programs that you don't support?

So please, for reason's sake, stop saying it's all about finances. It's not, you know it and you're not going to get away with that excuse anymore. When you try, you're basically saying you'd rather watch a woman bleed to death in a back alley than lose 50¢ a week from your paycheck. Pin It

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