Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ladies, before you vote republican.....

Ladies....and anyone who loves and woman to any capacity, please DO NOT vote republican. As a feminist, libertarian atheist, I do not humble myself often, but I am at this moment throwing myself to the ground at your mercy. DO NOT vote republican.

There is not ONE.....not ONE SINGLE SOLITARY republican in the race that is pro-woman. Every last one of them is anti-woman. Some of them may SAY their stance is actually pro-woman, because they want to save babies and a lot of women regret having abortions and blabla but it's bullshit.

What they really want is the taliban minus the Darth Vader costumes. They have made it abundantly clear that they do not trust women, they do not respect women, and that they want to own women. We are to be completely at men's disposal.

Women were not allowed to testify during the hearing about contraception. NOT ALLOWED TO TESTIFY. What the fuck?! You can't even pull that shit on a golf course for fuck's sake, but we let it happen in the nation's capital?! Are you kidding me? It's 2012 already. Does the world have to end before people see women as whole human beings?

I don't care if there are female republicans. That does not mean the party is pro female, it doesn't even mean those women serving as republicans are pro-female. Michelle Bachmann is a female and if you think Michelle Bachmann is pro-female then you just haven't been paying attention.

Michelle Bachmann wants to completely de-fund Planned Parenthood and contraception programs and to force people to be subjected to erroneous information before receiving abortions. She thinks abortion should be allowed if you're raped, but guess who gets to decide if you were raped? Apparently, you're too stupid and untrustworthy to know if you were raped or not. Speaking of rape, Michelle Bachmann was one of the folks who supported redefining the word rape, so even if you really were raped, in the state's eyes, you might not have been since you were wearing some slutty outfit and since you've fucked somebody before, you're just a skank anyway who obviously can't be raped.

Rick Santorum has actually said that sex should be for reproduction and the fact that it's fun is one of the fringe benefits, but that doing it just for fun takes away from the sanctity of it....and as a result of having too much fun sex, contraception has been harmful to women. Sounds like an endorsement for lesbianism if you ask me...but we all know how anti-gay Rick Santorum is.....(frothy mixture).

The other DICK in the party, Rick Perry is using emotional bullshit to justify being anti-woman. Apparently, a “young woman,” approached him and said, “I'm the child of a rape and I'm glad my mother spared me,” and from that moment he changed his view from mostly woman hating asshole to completely woman hating asshole. Rick Perry has stated that THAT is the reason he pulled his support from abortion in “extreme cases.” The hole in the argument is, that woman he encountered was born after abortion was legal....unless 40 is young these days. Abortion has been legal since 1973, so any American born after that was a choice. Birth control was already legal. So, if you were born after that, even if you're a child of rape or incest, your mother is the kind of person who would have never had an abortion anyway, legal or not. Be thankful of something thankful she's alive and not lying in a pool of her own blood in front of some Tesla coils in some backwoods Franken-doctor's basement....because that's what could have happened to your mother had she chosen not to have you.

Besides, if we're going to bring emotional arguments into it, I'd like him to see a woman die in the operating room from a failed back alley abortion. I'd like him to spend a few years living in the ghetto with a single mom who's got a couple kids in gangs. I'd like him to see the dirty looks everyone gives him when he applies for food stamps and WIC checks. Let's put another spin on emotional arguments.....for every one person you know whose mother chose to give birth to....don't you know at least a couple people whose mothers you wish made the other choice?

Newt Gingrich has also maintained that he wouldn't make exceptions for rape or incest in terms of abortion, so fuck that asshole.

Mitt Romney is Mormon, and I don't think I have to say much more than that, but since not all Mormons are morons, I'll go ahead and add that he also supports the idea of life at conception and no exceptions for abortions either and would sign an amendment that establishes such.

Ron Paul is my favorite. As a libertarian, my heart sinks that he is gaining so much support from my kind. It's true that his voting record is pretty solid on everything else and the only way people can defame him is by digging up pictures of him with nefarious characters and saying really stupid shit like, “Well, I judge people by the company they keep,” of course nobody cares when Obama has his picture with Fidel Castro, but I digress. I don't give photos like that any credence one way or another. They're just used for throwing hate and just because you've had your picture with someone doesn't mean a damn thing. A lot of people, especially politicians, will not turn down a photo op from anybody, particularly if it's someone famous, whether they're good guys or bad guys. Shit, they won't even crank call each other to rub victories in each other's faces. This is how fucking shallow and visual politics are....but anyway.

Ron Paul has said that one of his top priorities is to overturn Roe v. Wade. He tricks libertarians into supporting it by saying, “Well, I'm really just upholding the 10th amendment,” which, I hate that I have to tell people this, but that's the amendment that would leave up to individual states anything that is NOT covered in the previous nine amendments. As you can see we've kinda used the 10th Amendment as a jizz sock since 17 more have been added, but yes, abortion, which is federal but not in the constitution, is the idea we need to use to make a case out of the 10th Amendment.

Let us not forget, prior to 1973, abortion was a state right. The results were not great. Had the results been great, Roe v. Wade would have never happened. Even as a libertarian, I say abortion needs to be a federal right. It's kind of a cheat, but if left to the states, things will regress to a level likely even worse. Before Roe v. Wade, abortion was completely illegal in 30 out of 50 states and only legal under certain circumstances in the remaining 20....circumstances like Michelle Bachmann's.....I don't know where you folks, but I live in Georgia...down in Dixie, and I think if abortion were left to the states, and if I happened to be raped and impregnated by my own father (not that that would happen), not only would I have to deal with the emotional toll of that whole experience, I'd have three choices. I could give birth to a likely extremely special needs child that I'd have NO support for, I'd have to travel at least a good 600 before finding an abortion clinic because I doubt any of the red states would allow abortion, or I could potentially bleed to know...frankendoctor and what not.

That's another part of the problem. Republicans not only want you to be forced to be owned by men by being nothing but walking uteruses, but they don't want to help you should you choose to have that baby either. They want you to have the baby and like...go live in a cave or something. They don't want to know anything about your or that “precious little bundle” that they forced you to have. They just care about waving their dicks in your faces until you give birth because it's a way of owning you, of showing you who's boss. They just want to make sure their seed makes it from conception to birth and after that, they don't give a shit. They won't care about you or your baby again unless your baby happens to be a boy around age 18. Then, as George Carlin so succinctly said, “They need live babies so they can raise 'em to be dead soldiers.”

THAT'S the truth.

I don't believe government mandated social programs are ultimately the answer (though I'm in HUGE favor of charity sponsored social welfare...which is funny because people don't want to accept help from charity because they feel bad even though that's money voluntarily given to a cause, but they don't mind using social programs...which is help that was paid for at gunpoint...anyway so I don't always support social programs, but....I support abortion. You can't have your baby and starve it too. Republicans need to either support abortion so they don't have to support social welfare, or support social welfare so they don't have to support abortion. I go with the first of the two options because I think it's the most Republican option. Nobody has to pay for you to take care of a kid that ain't there. Republicans, you don't want social programs...well who takes the least money in foodstamps, public schools, welfare, medicade, social security, and safety net programs? Dead motherfuckers. Yup, people who were never born and never existed are guaranteed to cost you NOTHING. What's more Republican than that?!

So, in summation, sorry libertarian ladies, but Ron Paul isn't the answer either. Some of you probably think I should support Ron Paul because reproductive rights is just one thing and he seems to do the right thing with every other issue, so I should just shrug it off and if you're a man, that's probably how you think because pregnancy, contraception, and abortion are things that don't directly effect you....If you think like that, you're a pig by the way. I'll say his. No matter what happens, if I'm still alive, even if our economic, social, and political structure completely collapse into a pile of silt at the bottom of the sea, but I'm still here, I will still be a woman. At that point, whether I'll still be a libertarian, who knows? I hope we never find out.

If you think I'm being sensationalist, Google anything I've said, I speak the truth.

LADIES, DO NOT VOTE REPUBLICAN. If you think that you're too stupid to know when or if you want kids, by all means, vote republican. You might get lucky because some rapist might know exactly when it's the right time for you to start a family. Rapists are smart that way.

That is what the republican party is telling you. You're too stupid to know when it's time to have a child. You're too incompetent to govern your own uterus. You best leave it up to men. Men know better than you, especially the kind that don't use condoms, and even more, the kind that think rape is just a grand old tradition....they're called the Grand Old Party. And even if they claim none of this is true, they'll blame it on another man-made concept, God. “It's God's will,” that you have a baby that was forced into your life. If God is man made, but they talk about God's's men's will. Republicans think men should control women.

I'm not saying vote Obama. I am NOT an Obama supporter. I can see good things he's done, I can see bad things he's done, but I am not telling you to support him because there is no such thing as “voting against.” Don't vote for Obama unless you support him. If do support Obama, vote for him. If you don't, don't. If you want to vote Mickey Mouse, fine. If you want to write yourself in, fine. If you don't want to vote at all, fine. Just don't vote republican! Pin It

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