Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fake praise ≠ genuine self esteem

Allow me to take the time to point out what a bunch of bullshit pictures like this are....Once again, at the expense of pissing off a LOT of people, I must speak the truth. I dislike all these failed attempts at pretend self esteem enhancements for fact, I HATE them. People THINK they're doing a 'good' thing because there are a handful of exceptions to the idea that only really thin women are hot...but it's such a load of shit. Everybody knows thin is in, has been since the 60s, probably will be til the era just before human extinction where people will start to see fat chicks and go, "OMG, bitch's got food! HAWT!" Sure, there might be a handful of exceptions, but don't be an idiot, look around you. The skinniest chick is gonna be the one everyone flocks to, the one who's gonna get all the modeling jobs, the one who's gonna get all the acting jobs, the one who's gonna get generally treated better by society. Just call a spade a fucking spade already. Denying it does nothing.

Nobody likes fat bitches, there, I said it. I don't really want to hear the exceptions because they're just that....exceptions, not RULES. Good for you, you're a fat bitch who has a boyfriend/husband who isn't a lardmonger himself. Congratulations. What do you want, a cookie? Don't pretend like the rest of the fat bitches in the world A) are socially accepted B) are as lucky as you C) can't acknowledge the truth. D) don't have the right to feel sorry for themselves now and then. E) should be degraded further for having weak moments.

The only thing worse than being a fat bitch is witnessing the rest of the world delight in tearing you down daily, but then creating pics like this in a shallow attempt to cover up the awful, obscene behaviors they engage in CONSTANTLY. Worse, they know damn well they're doing. Yes, let's make fun of fat bitches, treat them as second class, no, 70th class citizens, but if they denigrate themselves, let's first lie to them and tell them they're actually beautiful, then let's treat them as if they're crazy....that should certainly help. I can't be the only one that sees what's wrong with this picture!

Actions speak a fucklot louder than words, assholes, and pictures like this don't speak the truth, nor do they solve a fucking thing. They just point out what two faced liars people can be when they think they aren't the ones on control of a certain sector of the population. That's what it's really about: control. Society always has to tell women how to feel about themselves. If a fat women decides how she feels about herself, regardless of it it's positive or negative, then society says, "No, you can't feel that way. Feel this way." That's why if a celebrity gains five pounds and says she's happy with her body, she's on the front of every tabloid being made fun of, scrutinized, criticized and treated as less than human. Yet, if that same woman turns around and admits she is insecure about her body, despite all the tabloids, whose real thoughts are already in print, then everyone has to go, " just need to learn to love yourself." Yeah, good luck with that. Watch the entire world show you how much they hate you, but somehow pull this magic love rod out of your ass and all your problems will be solved. Basically, a woman can never govern her own emotions and if she DOES govern them, if they aren't especially positive ones, then they're her fault. It's just a subtle way of controlling and subjugating women that NOBODY FUCKING NOTICES! It drives be BONKERS!

It just takes some honest individuals to admit it....but nobody will because they're afraid...either because they, themselves, are fat bitches and don't want to admit they hate themselves, lest be seen as "weak" or be subjected to some bullshit lecture about how they just "need to love themselves" despite everyone around them demonstrating otherwise, or because they're guys who also despise fat bitches but don't want to get killed by one either.

Fake praise is not going to create genuine self esteem for women. Pin It

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