Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chicken or egg "reality"?

I have to admit, seeing this article about the Kardashians losing their "edge" has given me mixed feelings.

Believe me, no one is happier than me to see fewer absolute nobodies that are famous for absolutely nothing clouding up the airwaves....BUT it brings me to the chicken or egg issue of "reality" TV and also what beasts we can be to our fellow human beings. Are we REALLY not interested in the Kardashians anymore, or is this just the media telling us not to be interested because they've found some other group of puppets to parade in front of us until we puke?

I don't personally know any members of the Kardashian family. I avoid seeing them on TV most of the time, but I don't know them as people. They may very well be delightful people or complete skanks. They APPEAR to be awful people, based on the evidence presented, but I studied mass media in college and I know how editing can be used to make Hitler look like a saint and vice versa, so I won't incriminate them on that. What kind of people they may or may not be has no influence over these statements. I even liked Rob Kardashian on Dancing with the Stars, but I always like watching people blossom, so it's not a personal liking of him really.

What bothers me about this article is that we can see the writer's obvious elation at their imminent demise. The writer is not alone in her attitude and I don't really blame her or anyone else who's tired of looking at these nobodies (or the rest of the nobodies on TV for no reason). However, it bothers me that we sit around and indulge ourselves in these sadistic attitudes toward idols that we created and are now ready to expel from the face of the earth. At times we, both the viewers AND the media, are nothing but users and abusers. We create these idols, raise them above us, bloat them up with fame, fortune, and glory, take what we want from them until they're used up, and then throw them away, like cattle.

More than any other reason, more than the fact that I just don't care, more than the fact that I think people don't deserve fame for just existing, more than the fact that I find it ungodly boring, the fact that we are sucking the life out of people and then tossing their dessicated corpses in a pile and rejoicing for it is why I cannot watch reality TV. I know the inevitable future.

As if all the aforementioned weren't bad enough, people make whole careers of not only using, abusing and trashing other human beings, they even take those dessicated corpses and dissect, display and disparage them in every possible way. All to feed our filthy need for human sacrifice.

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