Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dear Republicans

Dear Republicans,

No, I do not intend to bash Republicans. I'm with Christopher Hitchens when it comes to the practice. Bashing Republicans is the stupid man's joke. It's the joke anyone can make and expect to get laughs from. It is the political equivalent of fart jokes, except that fart jokes can be enjoyed by all, regardless of religion, politics, gender, age, race, etc.

In fact, as a libertarian, I find myself defending you folks a lot on financial issues. I do genuinely think a good 2/3 of the Occupy fuckers folks are lazy shits who think like terrorists. You have something nice and I don't, so, fuck you, give it to me. If you don't, I'll throw shit at you. You're evil because you have something I want and can't have. I don't have it because I wasn't born of privilege AND I don't want to work hard or at least work smart (no I won't ignore privilege, but ask Venus Williams how privileged her family was growing up, yet she's doin pretty fine now).

No, rich people aren't evil. No, it is not the government's job to play Robin Hood. No it's not a sin to be rich when others are struggling. No, you shouldn't have to support the rest of us, per se. However, the non-whiney-lazy-hippy 1/3 does have a point. Some companies are claiming that they "can't afford" benefits, overtime pay, new employees, raises for loyal employees, etc. Even some higher level folks are eying homelessness because a handful of people "can't afford" to keep their jobs. That's fucked up. That is something that no amount of hard work can undo. It still doens't mean the government should step in and try to legislate morality.

The problem is, Republicans claim to be for smaller government and lower taxes, but only when it comes to certain people. We shouldn't expect the 1% to have to pay more personal taxes just b/c some ppl can't/won't get their shit together. I agree with you there; but how the hell can you look at anyone with a straight face and say that it's morally and logically reprehensible to punish successful people by forcing them at gunpoint to be everyone else's soup kitchen when time and time again you raise taxes on the middle class? The middle class doesn't have anything! No wonder China owns our asses, you keep eatin' where you shit! Why steal food from a man who has little more than a loaf of bread?

I cannot and will not defend you on this. As a lower middle class citizen who ALREADY PAYS about 30% of my income taxes (yes, I realize that rich folks pay a lot more in personal income tax, but they slide by on corporate taxes and I don't have corporate taxes) and gets not even 1% of it back, I can say this honestly,


I do not begrudge the rich even though I struggle to pay my bills. I do, however, begrudge liars who claim to want small government, but constantly expect the government to legislate morality, and lower taxes, but only on people who have more than a pot to piss in.

I won't even attack the religious contingency within the Republican party because I know not all Republicans are xenophobic, gynophonic, homophobic, science-hating kooks that are barely literate. I don't even think most Republicans fall into that category. Though, the unfortunate faction of fuckwits that represents most Republicans IS mostly comprised of xenophobic, gynophonic, homophobic, science-hating kooks that want nothing more than to let the 1% cum in all our faces and wipe it up with the American flag so that the people you claim to represent can be fooled into thinking it's patriotic.

Eat me.

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