Friday, December 16, 2011

Curvy vs. Lumpy

This one isn't going to make me popular, but it's the truth.

I'm both displeased and disturbed by obese women's insistence that they're "curvy," and therefore beautiful and sexy. Darlin, I hate to break this to you, but there is a big difference between curvy and lumpy. One of them means classic beauty, the other means premature death.

I've spoken before of how society treats overweight people like total balls, which IS unfair. It's NEVER right to judge people's characters by their bodies, whether it's because they're overweight, underweight, pear shaped, top heavy, skeletal, whatever. It's also unfair that obese people keep telling yourselves how "beautiful" you are while your DNA triggers start to slowly turn on you.

There is nothing beautiful about diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, gall bladder disease, coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease, arteriosclerosis, stroke, angina, sleep apnea, arthritis, irregular menstrual cycles, fertility problems, cancer, constipation, depression and more!

ALL THIS COULD BE YOURS...if you don't put aside your attitude that big is beautiful.

You are not healthy and you know it. Ironically, you can't wait to mock those tiny women who starve themselves or stick their fingers down their throats. You talk about how unhealthy they are, call them sickly, mentally ill, physically ill, you make fun of their issues, and you whine that the media dictates beauty and how shameful it is. You have absolutely no problem criticizing those women's bodies, but woe be he that criticizes yours. I guess it's not ok for the media to judge women by their bodies, but it's ok for you to do it? Way to pay it forward.

You and the anorexic gal on page 9 are one and the same. You hate yourselves. No, you don't have to be a specific body to love yourself. Yes, you can still be a wonderful person if you're obese. Yet, I'm very skeptical of any obese woman who claims to love herself and be totally happy. If you really loved yourself, you'd take care of your body. If you really loved yourself, you'd want to extend your life on this earth. If you really loved yourself, you'd go the extra step it takes to choose oatmeal over Lucky Charms, berries over chocolate, a home-made cheeseburger of lean ground chuck over McDonald's. Yes, you have the time. Yes, you have the money.

Instead, you choose a bumper, which is exactly what your curves lumps are. It's a way to keep people away from you. You're a sensitive person living in an insensitive world. A good person will always evaluate you for who you are, not your body, so by having an unhealthy body, you automatically keep most of the assholes from getting close. It doesn't work. You either isolate yourself, or convince yourself that people who actually treat you quite poorly are good folks.

Nobody likes to get hurt, but there are healthier ways. Have you considered being a bitch? Not all the time, just when it's necessary to protect yourself against insensitive pricks. It's not ideal, but it's better than a belly bumper. You don't have to be Stay Puft to protect yourself. Counseling is also an option, but I have my doubts about that too, and a lot of people really DON'T have the money for that.

Tell yourself all you want that you think you're hot and that you're happy. LIES! Yell at me all you want, argue with me, call me names, tell me what an asshole I am, defend your obesity, scream at me, insist"IT'S GLANDULAR!" It is NOT glandular. It's not genetic. You are not big boned. Even if any or all of these were the case, you could still have a reasonably healthy body, you would just have to work harder than most people. It sucks, but who said life was fair? You know this is all the truth.

I'm not saying any of this to be insulting, I'm saying this because the increasing Fatty Tolerance movement that I see a lot of women eating up is encouraging some of you to keep hating and killing yourselves slowly. It's quite ironic and tragic that a movement that claims to be designed to help you love yourself encourages you to continue your self-hating behavior. That's every bit as destructive as the media shoving the twiggy gals down everyone's throats.

No, you're not a bad person. No, people shouldn't hate you for your body. No, you don't deserve to be treated like shit by anyone (including YOURSELF) because of how you look! You deserve to be happy and healthy and loved. Yet, somehow, you feel none of these things, so you treat yourself to something fatty or sugary, figuring it's the the only way to get something sweet in your life. That's one big self-fulfilling prophecy.

Or, you tell yourself that others never will love you no matter how you look, so why bother? Then you go find yourself a boyfriend with a BBW fetish who you think loves you. Yeah, he's so loving that he encourages you to slowly and painfully murder yourself because it makes his dick tingle. Meanwhile, he could give a shit about you as a person and likely either mistreats you or just really doesn't connect to you on a very deep level. You put up with it because you're used to abuse, both the kind you give to yourself and the kind you take from others on a constant basis, because you think he (or people like him) is the only person in the world who will find you sexually appealing. Then you lie to yourself about it and say how happy and loved you are.

I know it seems like I'm not being nice, but TRUST ME, I'm being WAY nicer to you than all your "friends" and "loved ones" who just let you kill yourself slowly because they're afraid of you thinking they're assholes. I'm not afraid of you. I get hate mail all the time. Bring it. You'll eventually realize I was right all along. Unlike a lot of folks, I will NEVER even say, "I told you so."

It's time to kick those curves lumps to the curb because your cute little euphemism for your obesity is going to make you dead way earlier than you need to be. I've had the displeasure of watching people, who never learned that they were kidding themselves, degenerate and/or die.

I've been where you are (still am to a point) and I know how hard it is. I'm all too familiar with the lies we tell ourselves about our genetics, our hormones, our medical conditions, our financial situations, our time constraints, our relationships, our levels of satisfaction, and more. We delude ourselves because we couldn't survive if we didn't. Unfortunately, that's ALL we're doing, surviving, poorly. We're NOT living.

You know what you need to do and if you love yourself AT ALL, you will at least try to do it. Here's a BMI chart. Start there. Pin It

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