Saturday, November 26, 2011

Occupy your own mind first

I am with the Occupy movement's right to PUBLICLY protest, and I get pretty pissed when the government illegally shuts them down...on the other hand, I'm really only given the liberal view most of the time, so I'm not sure if the protests that have been "illegally" shut down are actually illegal or just more typical liberal whining. However, a lot of it is quite suspicious that the mayor of Oakland can just DECIDE ex post facto that a protest wasn't supposed to be there and then shut it down. I would be angry even if it was the KKK or some other group of mentally deficient dickheads.

The problem with Occupy is..........EVERYTHING. People with no plan poking around public parks doing nothing is not a movement, well, except maybe a bovine bowel movement. I DO understand their claims and why they're angry, and they have a point I'm not an idiot and I find it highly insulting that every liberal asshole who is for Occupy thinks that if you don't agree with him, then you clearly just don't understand. That's what I like to call mind rape. You MUST think my way...if you don't, there's something wrong with you and I'm going to make you listen to me until you agree and think the way I want you to. Fuck you.

Anyway, they have a point, but they couldn't be more wrong in how they're going about it. A few people finally realized that sitting around in parks with a sign in one hand and their dick in the other, was stupid. Though, if you want the truth, I think really they just got cold. Anyway, a few decided to address individual corporations, which would make more sense, but they did that wrong too. Standing around in a Target store whining in front of a camera is.....really stupid on so many levels.

First of all, why do you need to be buggin' folks who work at Target? They're already working at Target, don't you think they have enough problems dealing with myriads of cranky soccer moms that got up at 2am to make sure their brats get some stupid video game for Christmas without your dumb ass marching around in their store, making them feel nervous and unsafe? They're not the enemy. They're hard working Americans who deserve a good job and a safe, non-threatening workplace.

I know a lot of people are sitting back and thinking, "Ha! Target isn't a good job!" Well, you're a fucking asshole. Who the hell do you think you are, demeaning people who work at Target? Maybe YOU think it's a job that's below you, and maybe YOU think that it's a crappy job, and maybe YOU think it's an evil company, and maybe YOU wouldn't want to work there, but for a lot of people, it IS a good job and it IS good pay and it IS an opportunity to improve their lives.

Sure, a fair share of spoiled, high school assholes whose parents just want them to learn the value of a dollar are doing little beyond sucking up oxygen there, but a LOT of the folks there DO think that Target is a good job because for them, it's been astronomically better than being on the street or having hungry children.

Fuck you²

Second, who are you talking to? A couple folks standing inside a Target means two things:

1. Jack
2. Shit

Do you really think the executive board of Target is watching that shit on Youtube and reconsidering their ways? If you could get a little more solidarity, then there's a slight chance. Maybe if you got at least 10 people OUTSIDE EVERY Target store at the exact same time, then that might be a little more powerful. Better yet, if you could get hundreds, maybe even thousands of people OUTSIDE the corporate headquarters where the executive board sits, that might actually be meaningful. I'm emphasizing OUTSIDE because you'll more likely be on public property (which is where you should be, you have NO right to be violating private property). You have every right to gather and protest on any public property you want, but INSIDE the store? Come on. Frankly, you deserve your ass beat if you go in a store and pull this kind of stupid shit and don't leave the very second they tell you to. I hope Target calls the cops and the cops show up and beat your ass. You deserve it for being an idiot. You're all lucky that didn't happen (yet).

Speaking of police beating protesters' asses, no, I don't generally support police brutality, but I don't think the Occupy folks are as innocent as they claim. First of all, they've cost several cities MILLIONS of dollars in public damage and police overtime. When you've got a cop on 90 hours of work a week, out in the cold, in full uniform with heavy equipment dealing with rowdy assholes that are constantly verbally assaulting him, possibly physically assaulting him as well, he's bound to be a little bit cranky. Does that justify shooting people in the face with pepper spray when they're just sitting there? No. Does it justify tear gassing them when they throw shit at you? Wellll........

I don't buy it. I don't buy the story that the Occupy protesters are just all nice and sweet and innocent and peaceful and that for no reason at all, cops would just show up and start whalin' on folks. Nope. Sorry. Not to say the cops are innocent either, I've seen a few of those motherfuckers just lose it, but again, liberal media, etc. I really only get one side of the story and when anyone tries to present any angle other than, "The protestors are 100% right in everything they do," people throw a fit.

AND BY THE WAAAAAAAAYYYY....I'm also tired of liberals complaining about how riot police are more heavily armed than soldiers in Afganistan. Well, you idiots are the ones who ONLY want the government to have guns and ammo so.........

AAAAAND you guys are the ones that want a bigger, more powerful government, then you're really going to turn around and piss and moan about how the cops are overstepping their boundaries? What do you think people who have too much power, too much money, and too many weapons are going to do? But, YOU'RE THE ONES that wanted it that way. SURPRISE!

Consistency. That's all I'm asking for.

The truth is, the government is to blame. It's NOT capitalism. If the government stayed the hell out of business in BOTH directions, none of this would be a problem. People think capitalism naturally lends itself to giant killer squids vs. plankton. It doesn't. GOVERNMENT DOES! In true capitalism, the government stays out of business in both ways. It doesn't regulate businesses beyond reasonable means but it doesn't let business fondle its cock either. We really only half a half ass system of capitalism. The government regulates it in certain ways because the businesses stroke the government.

But, noooooooo it's not innocent ol' Uncle Sammy. It's corporate greed. Yes, let's talk about corporate greed vs. personal responsibility. If you're in the Occupy movement, take off all your clothes, read the "MADE IN" tags to me, and tell me where you purchased these items. While you're at it, tell me, what brand of camera did you use to photograph yourself holding a piece of paper full of what YOU think is poignant prose, but is actually pure poop? Then, when you posted your pure poop on the intertubez, what brand of computer did you upload them to? Where did you upload them to?

I can answer it all in five words: China, Cannon, Sony, Apple, Google.

Of course, I'm sure that's not your fault either. THE BIG CORPORATIONS DON'T GIVE US A CHOICE!!!!!!!!! Yeah they do, asshole, it's called SELF RELIANCE. Go to the library, learn how to build a computer, go to a computer parts store, and build one. Of course, that would be too difficult. It's much better to ask big, white daddy to take care of it for you...and then you wonder why it always ends up so warped and why the government has too much power and why riot police look like Black Hawk Down meets Hazmat.

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