Saturday, November 12, 2011

I can't believe I'm going to defend Kim Kardashian.....

It might seem obvious that someone like Kim Karsashian is extremely unimportant to me. Frankly, I find her and her whole family pretty despicably annoying. Yay, you're rich and one of you fucked someone on camera one time. FASCINATING! I don't think these people have any reason to be interesting to anyone and they certainly don't deserve their notoriety, if you can call it that. I dunno, maybe they're nice folks one on one, most people are, but as far as their fame, they couldn't be a more useless lot in my view. I guess they're somehow good for the economy. Whatever, the media has decided we're all supposed to give a shit about the whole Kardashian family.

I don't care about any of them, so I get a little nauseated when something I don't like is thoroughly and repeatedly jammed up my ass. I go to check my Yahoo! mail and on THE FRONT PAGE, because it's just SO GODDAMN IMPORTANT, is some stupid bullshit story that Kim Kardashian's former publicist "slams" her and claims she, "staged media stunts." shit asshole, it's called SHOW BIZ. Does anyone think there's ANYTHING real about "reality" TV? You don't really get to criticize because, as her publicist, you probably came up with and/or collaborated on several of these "bogus" stunts.


You're a publicist for one of the biggest stars in the U.S. at the moment. You probably don't want to be a publicist anymore because you probably either hated your work or hated your boss. Fine, that's understandable. Few people DON'T hate their bosses or jobs at one time or another. However, the truth is you don't have any other marketable skills that will pull in the kind of income you're used to.

You know if you spill shit like this, NO OTHER CELEBRITY will want to hire you, which is fine because, as stated, you clearly don't want to be a publicist anymore. So how can you get money? SCANDAL! That way you can get people to pay you for interviews, documentaries, features, news articles, radio shows, and probably even a book deal (which will be written by some poor starving artist then slapped with your name on the cover).

You were sly enough to help Kim Kardashian set up all these media stunts, which invariably prepared you to set up your own. BRAVO! You, sir, get my Asshole of The Day award.

WTG, dick.

Here's a link to the story that was spammed all over my home page if anyone cares: Pin It

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