Friday, October 21, 2011

Ode to Heather

Heather is indeed a great cyber gal-pal. She does it all. She writes, she moms, she cooks, she gardens, she goes all natural and organic when possible. On top of all that SHE HOMESCHOOLS BUT ISN'T A CRAZY FUNDAMENTALIST WHACKJOB! One of her most admirable qualities is how reasonable she is. She doesn't give in to woowoo or indoctrination. She does her research.

We "met" playing GoPets, as I've "met" so many of my close cyber gal-pals. The game died, unfortunately (two years ago and we're all still mourning), but many of us became friends through social media. That means, she also shares my uber-nerdy affection for virtual pets (they really do help me decompress and they don't poop).

As a fellow writer, she is kind enough to share any writing opportunities she finds with me, which has been a HUGE help in my path to my goals of being a TRULY independent woman. This means her heart is big enough to want others to succeed and help them to do it, whereas most of us get sucked up our own buttholes and kinda forget there's a whole world of friends out there that could use a hand or two.

Kind hearted, generous, smart, and funny Heather really does enhance my life, even if it's through a machine. Pin It

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