Saturday, October 29, 2011

Is writing dead?

The writing industry has been completely overrun by crap, pure, simple, unadulterated CRAP. It's a self feeding sewer system of greed and incompetence.

First, there's the side of the writers. Every idiot with a keyboard thinks she can write, and many idiots with keyboards do. Things like blogs have made it easy for everyone to be an author. The problem is that most people can't write anything of quality, but they do it anyway and they far outnumber the good writers.

Then, there's the side of the publishers. They're cheap, they don't want to pay for good quality, so they hire subpar writers for low wages. They get exactly what they pay for. This lowers the average pay scale and quality, so we lose good writers. They become disenchanted and quit or lower their own standards. After all, why put out quality material for 1/10 of the income you used to make?

The publishers may win in money, but they lose in quality. Honestly, what more do you publisher dicks want? You've already cut your costs by 90% with the advent of the internet and e-books. You don't have to pay for ink or paper or presses or a even a building. You can usually get people to grant you exclusivity too! The only thing you DO have to pay for is writers, and you're not willing to. You're slave drivers. You take people's work, crappy or not, and you sell it by means of ad space, then you don't even pay the writers.

Then, there's the side of the readers. They keep reading poor quality writing, so they do one of three things:

1. Get angry and stop reading.
2. Spend ALL their time reading, hopelessly searching for quality and they fail.
3. Get used to the crappy new standard and the national average IQ drops a few more points.

Everybody loses.

Personally, I write for entertainment. I write for fun. I write to express myself. I write with the ultimate goal of inspiring people. I write a lot of things for free because I love to write that much. I write something every single day, a blog, an article, a future comedy routine, some self-reflection, SOMETHING. A day without writing is like a day without air.

So, if I'm perfectly willing to give writing away, why I don't like to sell it, even if it is "too little" money? That's better than nothing, right? Well, you give sex away for free, but if someone offers you $10 to do it, you're pretty insulted, aren't you? There's a pretty distinguishable line between something you give away for a good reason and someone taking something from you and offering you less than it's worth.

Good writers seem to be an endangered species. Many of them will opt for a job at Wendy's because, even if they don't like it and even if the pay is bad, it's still better pay than writing and they have to survive like the rest of us.

It's frustrating because I hope to one day make good money as a writer, but instead of investing good money in quality content, most publishers would rather pay a few pennies to some idiot to write a "How to" list on taking a dump.

Nevertheless, I'm gonna keep on truckin' because, as I said, I have to write to live. I just wish the road weren't so damn bumpy! Pin It

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