Sunday, October 9, 2011

Goody Two Shoes

WTF does that even mean? Really? bad people usually have three shoes? One show? What is the connection between shoes and being overly good?

Anyway, lately, I've always kind of thought of myself as a bad evil one even. In fact, several different, non-intermingling circles of friends with multiple Katies have ALL specified me as "Evil Katie."

...but actually, I've come to the realization that I'm kind of a total goody two shoes; I have disappointed myself. Despite my best efforts, I really am a "good girl."

I don't smoke.
I rarely drink.
I've never done drugs.
I've never been late on ANY bill.
I don't have any tattoos.
I've never cheated on a guy.
I never cheated in school.
The WORST GPA I ever came home with was a 3.3.
I love animals.
I barely eat meat.
I even feel bad if I kill a bug.

WTF? I'm a good girl?! This is all bad for mah street cred....and it's kind of fucking with my mind too. Pin It

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