Sunday, October 16, 2011

Forget Dancing with The Stars. How about dancing with a PURPOSE?

I WISH I could say I was a Dancing with the Stars fan. I love watching the dances, I love seeing the costumes, I love watching people's talents blossom, I love the idea of the challenge, I have a huge amount of respect for all the contestants and pros. I know anybody who works on the show in any capacity works extremely hard at what they do, all the way from the dancers to the people who clean the studio floors. I don't want to diminish any of them. Sadly, I've come to HATE the actual show. I've talked about it a few times via video blog (here and here), and I've even told people to stop watching it because it's preventing them from getting up and actually dancing here.

I'm literally unable to watch this season because I have rehearsals for a show, but I'm kind of glad in a way. It's like trying to befriend an ex that dumped you. You WANT to be the "bigger person" and you WANT to forgive all the bad things and try to look at the good, but every attempt is awkward and insincere and just reopens those wounds you had hoped were cauterized. I keep TRYING to watch every season. The first few episodes, I'm stoked, but inevitably, over time, it makes me bitter. This year it took me four episodes (two dance shows, two results shows) to be angry (and no it's not because we had to say goodbye to a hot pro).

Anyone who watches sports can appreciate how much one bad call can ruin a game. Imagine seeing several bad calls every game and even after the replays, when everyone can see the ref is wrong, the call stands. To add insult to injury, even when the crowd could vote it down, they don't.

I'd love there to be a show that's actually about dancing. There have been a few attempts, but the same thing always happens. America's Ballroom Challenge was pretty good because there was no BS. Then again, it appeared on PBS and it never really went anywhere. Dance Your Ass Off is a great message, but its more about the message than dancing and it's also about the popularity and the stories and the drama and blablablaaaaaaa. Don't even get me started on the garbage that is So You Think You Can Dance, which SHOULD be awesome but sucks.

There is some buzz about a fan-created petition for two of the pros, Maksim and Valentin Chmerkovskiy, to get their own show...and as much as I love all the pros, and how in favor I am of more hot men being on TV, I can't support that either because I know it won't be about dancing. It will be, "Hey, let's follow the boys around with a camera and invade their personal space and get all up in their personal business and set up fake scenarios to create drama and maybe, if we're lucky, we'll catch 'em in their underpants. Check out it out! Val is eating a tater tot! OMG, look, Maks just scratched his balls!! Holy crap, look at that giant dump their dog just took!!!" Like every other "reality" show, it will have nothing to do with reality. Even if it's SUPPOSED to be about dancing, it won't be. DWTS was supposed to be about dancing and look how that turned out.

I hate to say it, but DWTS has long worn out its welcome. I LOVE all the pros and contestants and find them all incredibly inspiring. While I DESPISE the concept of having judges on shows about art, I respect the judges' talents and knowledge. I'm well aware everyone involved with DWTS to any capacity is beautiful, talented, hard working and admirable....but it's just been over-produced and tarted up like a cheap whore, ready to overdose and die with her head in the toilet at the first opportunity.

I know, I know, it's just a dumbass TV show, life isn't fair, a lot of people can't think for themselves, I could easily change the channel, and at the end of the day, who cares? Well, DWTS changed my life for the better. I can honestly say, if it weren't for dancing, I don't think I'd be alive, and even if I were, I'd just be inhabiting and operating a body, not truly living. It really does break my heart to see my inspiration reduced to what it is currently. It's been sold out, cheapened, and sluttified. It doesn't sell inspiration anymore. It sells gossip, popularity, celebrity, drama, judgment, sheepism, and worst of all, like all "reality" TV, it sells pure ego, which is wholly different from self-esteem and self worth.

What I'd give to see something on network TV that truly inspires people to dance......... Pin It

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